Turning a BIG Corner

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Most people consider 21 as one of life’s great markers. In Texas, it’s a legal right of passage which officially marks adulthood. Sadly, I have surpassed this milestone (by only a few years, of course!).

Nevertheless, 21 still maintains to be a monumental milestone in my life. It celebrates the number of continuous, consecutive days without needing a chiropractic adjustment! Holding my adjustment for three weeks, December 23imagerd through January 13th, was another first, and a major sign of healing and strength. Living from chiropractic adjustment to adjustment, I was skeptical that the stabilization of my SI joint was even attainable. Gradually, I realized that micromanaging my body’s every finite movement wasn’t on the forefront of my mind every waking minute. What a long awaited relief!

Unwittingly, my primary focus had become pain management. Due to my back injury, my already weak muscles were unable to support my joints in my lower back. Like falling dominoes, my coccyx (tailbone) would fall to right, throwing out my SI joint, which in turn would rotate my hips and pelvis, making sitting a difficult to impossible task. Not good, if wheels are your main source of transportation! Dr. Cris once said that this was the worst injury to have if you’re sitting for long periods of time. Preventing this chain reaction was key. The only way to transfer my body from point A to point B was to stop moving my torso from left to right, or vice versa. Instead, I would have to take the less direct route by gingerly moving my body forward, and then backward, repeatedly. Slowly shifting, either to the right or left, until I reached my desired spot. For over a year, this frustrating, time- consuming ritual was a true test of my patience.

From my experience, patience really is a virtue! Once I gave up control, all things fell into place. I realized that this was not my timing, but God’s timing. Patience lead to belief. Belief and hard work lead to healing. Now, healing creates more confident, more fluid more flexible, more sturdy movements. All resulting in improved durability of my hips and pelvis, along with less inflammation and pain. The unpredictability of my lower back no longer dictates my day to day activities . I feel the Lord is preparing my body to move forward, and face grander challenges and obstacles. Great anticipation awaits God’s next quest, hopefully, conquering it with His grace and love!

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