Too Much TV or Divine Intervention?

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Watching Saturday morning television at 7am is not my forte, but this particular Saturday was different. Early to rise, meant flipping on the tv while doing my morning stretches in bed. God must have choreographed the moment I hit the remote’s “ON” button with the timing of Fox 4 News. My eyes and ears could not believe the story playing in front of me.

The screen presented an eloquent and beautiful blonde girl who, also, was in a wheelchair. As executive director, Kendall Hall, was promoting REACT, a gym for spinal cord recovery and people with neuromuscular diseases. That was me! Only in my dreams has a gym catering to physically challenged people been an REACTimaginable reality.

This sounded too good to be true. A myriad of questions was running through my head. How did I not know this place existed? How far away is the location? Would I qualify to be a client? How much does it cost? And, on and on…

Excitement brewed as I googled REACT on my iPad. I had to know more! Since I had never heard of this place before, I convinced myself that it had to be anywhere, BUT centrally located to my current accommodations. Why else wouldn’t I have heard of it? My jaw hit the floor when my eyes scanned the map! Relative to the Dallas area, REACT was basically a stone’s throw from my house. Countless times, I have driven down this street (taking a short cut between my condo and my parent’s house), obliviously, passing my personal utopia!

Checking out REACT in person was the next logical step. Cowboy (a yellow lab) and Eli (a black lab) were the first faces that greeted me thruogh the glass door. Squeezing my wheelchair between the doorway and Cowboy’s gyrating body, as he performed his ritualistic happy dance, made me feel right at home! I was welcomed by Ryan and Aaron, two enthusiastic trainers. Their eyes reflected warmth and friendliness. Their spirit and positive energy were contagious. I couldn’t wait to find out more! As I entered into the 8.000 sq. ft facility, dozens of highly specialized machines surrounded the walls of this uncustomary gym.

Impressive equipment was not the first item of interest Ryan directed my attention toward. Instead, he immediately pointed to a giant chalkboard painted on an entire wall, about quarter size of a billboard. This inspirational vision board presented the names of clients decoratively and meticulously scrolled on the black paint. Next to each name was either an accomplished gym goal, a major goal to strive towards, or words of encouragement. REACT’s act of acknowledging the power of positive reinforcement solidified that I was on the right path.

As Ryan continued the grand tour, the words spilling from his mouth were the exact same verbiage that Dr. Cris and Tom had been preaching to me for years. As he spoke, it was comforting to hear how REACT’s philosophy perfectly aligned with the philosophy of Dr. Cris and Tom. I was hooked! Instinctively, I knew this was the place I was supposed to be.

As the tour was winding down, my eyes lit up when I saw a disassembled Rewalk being put together. It’s basically an exoskeleton that enables people in wheelchairs to walk. TV (of course) brought me my first glimpse of this remarkable contraption a few years ago, and I thought it was fantastic! A long term goal which was shoved to the side for many reasons, but never forgotten, was beginning to reignite. Exciting!

It seems as if all signs were pointing in the direction of REACT, but the last serendipidious occurrence really blew my mind! Kendall, REACT’s owner, and I both attended the same high school, Ursuline Academy in Dallas. I take it as one more confirmation that it’s God’s next step for my progression.

Coincidently, this was not my first time identifying divine intervention via tv. Over 3 years ago, WFAA Channel 8 reported a story on an Elect Wellness client which caught my attention. Through Elect Wellness, Tom the owner, introduced me to my chiropractor Dr. Cris. Two people who have completely changed every facet of my life! Without them, my body would be il equipped or prepared, to, hopefully, start my next thrilling chapter at REACT.

Some may say I should lay off the TV … not me!

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