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photo copyTo Whom it May Concern,

Ms. Laurel Marshall was presented to this clinic on July 31, 2012, for care relating to severe low back pain, decreased range of motion, numbness, poor circulation, and tingling down her right leg.

Ms. Marshall has been in a wheelchair for about 30 years and has had a relatively full, independent life, living on her own and teaching school for 20 years. Her ability to do daily, basic tasks has been extremely diminished. Her excrutiating lower back pain has contributed to a poor quality of life.

A history was taken and a thorough physical exam was performed.

In addition to a serious low back strain/sprain, she had several bulging discs at L3, L4 and L5, sciatic nerve impingement with radiation down the right hip, buttock and thigh, loss of bladder control, and poor sleep due to pain and discomfort. Extremely poor circulation resulted in blacked feet. Her voice was very weak and faint.Her lungs were clear of fluid, but she was taking exceptionally shallow, short, quick breaths and appeared to have difficulty breathing and speaking for more than a few words at a time.

She, also, stated that she had the inability to exercise, inability to get in and out of bed alone, inability to get in and out of her wheelchair alone, the inability to cook for herself, inability to bathe herself and the inability to drive her vehicle.

I have now treated Ms. Marshall for 14 months and she has responded exceptionally well to my care.

However, she continues to have right sciatic pain, causing nerve radiation and muscle weakness in her right hip and leg. Loss of bladder control is still a problematic issue.

I am recommending spinal decompression for Laurel. This therapy will allow the spinal disc bulges to draw back into their proper position, thus taking pressure off the spinal nerves leading to her bladder and the nerve bundle leading down the buttock, hip, and thigh to her feet.

My goal is to allow her body to increase nerve flow, blood flow, and lymphatic flow to her lower body and legs which will increase muscle-skeletal strength and nerve innervation.

I have had Laurel working with a personal trainer to strengthen all of the supporting muscles that would assist her in walking.

We currently have her crawling, but need the spinal disc bulges to release the pressure on the spinal cord in her L3, L4 & L5 region.

Once these disc bulges are released, I believe we will have a better chance of getting Ms. Marshall out of her wheelchair and strengthen the supporting muscles so she can stand, and eventually walk with a cane or walker.

This will give her a quality of life and independence to live on her own again. She is currently living with her parents while paying for her condo, due to this low back injury and disc bulges.

I am asking the insurance company to pay for a minimum of 40 spinal decompression treatments for Ms. Marshall.

A re-evaluation will be done after 20 treatments, and then again, after 40 treatments.

Thank you for your consideration of this care for this young woman. We all deserve to have independence and full quality of life.

She has been exceptionally compliant, and her spirit to succeed is inspiring.

I will await your response. If I can be of further assistance, please contact me at 214/750-9992 or

Yours in Health,

Dr. Cristina Robinson-Hartley

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