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Sunnier Days with MG Bright

Debilitating cramps in my lower torso were relentlessly pushing my bones out of alignment for months, preventing any forward progress as far as trying to rehab my body. Dr. Cris mentioned magnesium as a supplement to assist in relieving leg cramps. After experimenting with a few different brands, there was NO good path which led to discovering that magnesium was
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Resisting Manual Resistance

Hard to believe, but I’ve been with Elect Wellness for three years. In those three years, I’ve gained muscle in places I never new possible and watched my body make shocking transformations, little by little. Elect Wellness taught me the only way to be truly healthy, physically challenged or able bodied, is to balance nutritious food with exercise. You can’t
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Food Flounder

My entire life I spent more attention to food than I did nutrition. Nutrition has  had little value or ever been a priority, until now. My generation was raised on processed foods so, as kids, we rarely gave  them a second thought.  When it came to breakfast, wasn’t  all cereal supposed to be healthy? I guess titles which included “Super
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