Sunnier Days with MG Bright

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imageDebilitating cramps in my lower torso were relentlessly pushing my bones out of alignment for months, preventing any forward progress as far as trying to rehab my body. Dr. Cris mentioned magnesium as a supplement to assist in relieving leg cramps. After experimenting with a few different brands, there was NO good path which led to discovering that magnesium was most noteworthy for being a laxative. Something my body did not warrant or welcome! Obviously, it became imperative to do more research.

Interestingly enough, I discovered that magnesium supplements are incapable of independently transporting themselves through the body. Most magnesium supplements are commonly bonded to other elements, such as caltrate or citrate, which send it straight through the body, bypassing the muscles. Hence, the laxative effect. In order for magnesium to properly travel to the muscles, it must be bonded to other very specific elements.

After scanning the Internet, I found a product called MG Bright. It boasted as being the only non-laxative magnesium especially for leg and muscle cramps. Bonded to malate, a natural substance found in apples and grapes, magnesium now had a proper facilitator which, supposedly, could transport it directly to the muscles. Since I was desperate, it was definitely worth a try!

But, even after running it by Dr.Cris for her,ā€¯blessing”, I hesitated to order it. Has history taught us nothing, but to beware of scams on the Internet? Was this too good to be true? The only reasonable explanation why two weeks vanished before I submitted my order was doubt and fear. Would this really work?

Snapping back into reality, I reminded myself about the removal of those two words from my vocabulary during this perpetual process of change and growth. As soon as I took the MG Bright pills, to my surprise, I miraculously experienced instantaneous relief! Definitely, an answer to my prayers! Thanks to quieted spasms, my adjustments started holding and I became basically cramp free!!

The dissipation of spasms meant the initiation of more challenging workouts once again, allowing me to resume the process towards strength and independence…a positive domino effect!

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