Is Practicality Too Practical?

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laurel1My adventurous spirit often gets trumped by a more practical side of life…BORING! I find  myself wanting to be a naturally inclined risk taker, but physical challenges often make spontaneity difficult.

As a graduate, Texas A&M University holds special memories steeped with traditions and friendships. Even after many years, my longest lasting and closest connections have been with my Aggie friends. I was thrilled when some dear Aggie friends invited me to join them on a road trip to Aggieland for the biggest game of the year. Texas A&M vs. Alabama! They didn’t have tickets, but for me, just to be there would be enough! My extemporaneous self was already basking on campus with my friends in a sea of maroon and white, not really caring if we got tickets or not. Just reveling in the spirit of Aggieland would be enough! I was conflicted. My down-to-earth self knew my heart and head were ready for a road trip, but was my body?

Even with my physical chllenges, my ol’ college self would have been there in a heartbeat. My first reaction was a resounding,”Yes!” But, things were different now. Putting aside the spontaneity, my mind took a ride on the internal see – saw.
– my friends will do anything for me so help is always available.
– I need to get back to life with friends and out of my daily routines.
– it’s the ‘Bama game!
– do I jeopardize reinjuring my back after 3 years of therapy and progress?
-can I ride in a car for over 3 hours?
– does the house accommodate a wheelchair?
– are the bathrooms wheelchair accessible?
– will I sleep on a bed, sofa, or floor?(critical for back and entire body at this age!)
– will 3 meals and 2 snacks a day be feasible?
– will a high protein, low carb, gluten free, dairy free, low fat, low sugar diet be close to possible?
– will my friends be spending more time having fun with me, or helping me?

After over evaluation, my decision is obvious. Practicality wins. The weekend is not solely about me having fun, but about all of us having fun. My back may not be ready for a spontaneous weekend yet, but it will get there. I am truly grateful for my dear Aggie friends!