Tested By a Driving Test

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laurel_eyesightGod’s testing us with every challenge. How we respond to any negative or unfavorable circumstance is a choice. There only 2 reactive choices; love or fear. Love has always been easy for me to choose when faced with small  or consistent challenges because my world would rock a little , but then return to it’s routine. These past 3 years, my world’s seemed to be thrusted out of it’s atmosphere more than the space shuttle. My 1st reaction wants to go to fear autopilot.Instead, I’ve decided to choose love. And it’s not easy! But, with love comes peace, wisdom, and thankfully humor.

Today happened to be one of those days! Renewing my driver’s license seemed simple enough, especially since I’ve  been driving for 30 years. Hand controls allow me to maneuver the car without using my feet. Even so, I’ve never had a problem renewing. But I knew today was going to be different before entering the DMV doors. I was a little nervous since i haven’t driven in a year and a half due to a pinched nerve in my back. My back is mostly healed so that wasn’t the problem.

The  year I turned 40, I heartbreakingly needed  glasses. I got bifocals, but never wore them because I never felt they improved my vision enough to warrant the inconvenience. Surprisingly, there were several things I could do to help improve my vision. Dr Cris, my chiropractor, would adjust my optic nerve-during my weekly visits, accompanied by  eye exercises and eating a healthy diet. But, I was still one line off when practicing reading the eye chart. Believe it or not, my neuropthamologist reported that my vision had improved by 30%! It was time to try.

After arriving at the DMV, I filled out my renewal paper, said a prayer to handle the experience with  love, and turned it over to God. My number was announced. It was time for my vision test. I had prepared myself that God may have a different plan for this vision test tham I did. I handed the lady my paper and after a long pause she responds , “There is no record that you ever took a driving test so we must retest you.”  “What?!” I thought. How could I be  driving in Texas  if I never took the test? The one I took the day I turned 16? This lady was making it very hard to choose the path of love.  I wanted to strangle her! But, before I could pass the drivers test, I had to pass the eye exam.

In order to pass my eye exam, I must read line 5 without glasses, or line 4 with glasses. I started at line 5 w/o glasses  – no go. Next, line 4 with glasses- no go . Frustration was setting in especially since I could read line 4 w/o glasses just fine. No one can say I didn’t give it the ol’ college try. I spent over an hour trying to correctly identify the numbers on the eye chart. I could feel myself wanting to get upset. A mini tantrum combined with a hysterical breakdown was beginning to sound pretty good. Deep breaths allowed me to stay calm and not take my frustration out on the lady behind the counter.

The lady at the DMV didn’t get it. It wasn’t just failing an eye test because of a technicality. It was about possibly losing the one thing that gave me freedom.This  path of love was difficult. I could feel my independence slowly slipping away. Then, I realized that, today, God’s will may not be my will, but tomorrow may be a different story. I left the lady with a smile and a joke about needing a drink after all that.

In Maryanne Williamson’s book, A Return To Love, she says that miracles are changes in perception. Looking back now, that’s where my small miracle occured; choosing love gave me the grace to leave with an uplifted spirit and not a heavy heart. Don’t worry, the DMV has not seen the last of me!