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Epigenetics: A Fresh Approach to CMT

After cutting a small lock of hair off the back of my head, it was placed inside a Ziploc baggie, tucked into a conventional, white envelope, and shipped to Loveland, Colorado. A town akin to Breckenridge; a place reminiscent of fond Rocky Mountain ski trips. Memories came flooding back. Here, I mastered adaptive snow skiing with new friends, while also
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A Texas Vegan

No more piggies, and chickens, and cows. Oh, my! That’s right, this born and raised Texas COW-girl is no longer eating meat. As of mid January 2020, I am a clean, plant-based vegan. Never in my wildest dreams did I predict those words would come out of my mouth, much less pivot into a lifestyle. I guess you could say
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Moving Up in a Standing Frame

The “deer in the headlights” look was actually more disappointing than surprising after requesting a prescription for a a standing frame, during my annual visit to the Muscular Dystrophy clinic at UT Southwestern Medical Center in March 29, 2018. Being a clinic of neurology, I expected the accessory of a standing frame to be common knowledge, a basic no-brainer. The
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