April Fool’s!

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April Fool’s day is one of my favorites. I just can’t resist! Since March resulted in my best monthly evaluation of all, I had to play it up! After 3 plus years, Bob is more than just my trainer. He’s more like a trainer/ friend/ therapist, and when it comes to my health, I tell him everything! Bob’s expression was priceless when I casually mentioned to him how my sovereign decision to recently start taking diet pills really worked! “You never told me!”, fumbled over his tongue with deep concern. My trainer’s brain trying to process this ridiculous information. Eyes popping. His inner voice, searching for some logic, knowing that this oxymoronic statement contradicted every belief in my body, yet softly whispering to himself how this might easily explain why my stomach had the largest half inch loss in one month. Watching Bob’s jaw drop while scrambling for words, I couldn’t put the nicest person I know through any more anguish…I blurted out, “APRIL FOOL’S!” Luckily, he has a great sense of humor and is pretty used to my silly antics! We both got a great laugh, and I haven’t been dropped as a client…yet!

Someone whose wacky wits were zanier than mine could ever be was Joan Rivers. I ran across this attention grabbing quote when browsing the Internet for information on Osteopenia and it cracked me up! “Listen to me! You can reverse bone thinning, you idiots! It’s one of the few things you can change in your body without plastic surgery. Isn’t that terrific?” A great quote! Surprisingly, she was an advocate for Osteoporosis after being diagnosed with it herself. Although I’ve recently been diagnosed with Osteopenia, the initial stages of Osteoporosis, they both can be reversed with natural remedies such as weight bearing exercises. So, Bob, my trainer, and I decided to get creative at home, doing more weight bearing exercises on my hips using the Power Step. The Power Step is more like the “shake shack” from the movie, Grease. It rocks side to side while vibrating, stimulating the nervous system. My goal is to bear weight on my hips by pushing myself from the floor while on my knees, up onto the Power Step. Holding myself up while the Power Step is rocking is more challenging than it looks, taking much concentration so I don’t do a face plant. In other words, if the Power Step’s rock’n, don’t come knock’n!

Increased minutes of independent exercise has really paid off during the month of March. Gaining muscle while simultaneously losing fat means balancing a difficult tight rope. According to my latest and best monthly evaluation, I have gained muscle in desired places and lost 2-4% body fat in other extremely desired places. Success for my body can only be achieved through a consistent diet and persistent levels of daily exercise. This month felt very rewarding. God continues to bless me, and through Him, every improvement is a triumph!

Gradually, one little improvement leads to another improvement.┬áSeeing physical transformations carry over into every day life is so cool! A perfect example is that my arm weakness lead to difficulty washing my hair while showering. Bob and I focused on arm exercises using manual resistance, trying to build my triceps and biceps. After six months of overhead presses, chest presses, and overhead arm raises using a resistance band, I can easily raise my arms above my head; washing, drying, and styling my hair, just like old times – no problem at all! Looking good and feeling good, what a dynamic, double whammy! Some may ask how I remain on such a regimented diet and exercise plan for over three years? As long as steady progress persists, how can I not? And, that’s no April Fool’s!

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