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Tested By a Driving Test

God’s testing us with every challenge. How we respond to any negative or unfavorable circumstance is a choice. There only 2 reactive choices; love or fear. Love has always been easy for me to choose when faced with small  or consistent challenges because my world would rock a little , but then return to it’s routine. These past 3 years,
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Unexpected Strength

Today was a day of unexpected strength. It wasn’t an average Monday to begin with since I decided to ditch my usual pool workout with my trainer, Bob, and start back to working out on land. Yes, this means battling gravity! On my 2nd office visit, the goal of my chiropractor, Dr. Cris,  was to get me to walk which
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Parking Pet Peeve

Exiting the gym after a challenging, yet invigorating workout, the sun hit my face as I drank in the 80 degree December day. Life was great! Until, I glanced up. My eyes were glaring at one of my all time pet peeves…a car parked in handicapped parking without a disabled tag. This sighting was extremely unusual, almost Chupacabraish. Over the
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